Field Service Management Product Overview

Field Service Management by Bella FSM will manage your business from any computer or mobile device. No expensive and complicated software or hardware to purchase.

Through our ingenious utilization of state-of-the-art technology, Bella FSM provides you a flexible way of maintaining a competitive advantage and maximizing profits by providing all of these capabilities:

Bella Field Service Management Product Overview

Scheduling Dispatch

Optimize scheduling and service dispatch with one click calendar actions. Drag and drop appointments for quick and easy schedule modifications. Assign color codes to technicians and location zones for visual grouping of appointments. Streamline your job scheduling, service dispatch, workforce management, optimize field personnel, and more. Furthermore, Bella Field Service Management software works with Google Maps for directions and route optimization.

Field Service Management

Bella Field Service Management software allows you to easily schedule and update Jobs in addition to:

  • Track Job progress from quotation, to work order, to invoice, to payment
  • View up to date Job cost and expenses for partial invoicing while tracking payroll and managing both business and customer costs.
  • Track which Jobs have been paid to more effectively manage revenues and never miss a payment.

Customer Management

Bella allows you to manage prospects and existing customers. It provides you with the ability to manage multiple contacts, multiple locations, customer equipment, customer price levels and more. Additionally, you can quickly and easily search Job History for each customer to provide increased customer satisfaction and service.

Employee Management

Manage all of your employees regardless of the role they play in your company. Even if an employee does not use Bella, you have the ability to assign him or her as a Field Resource who can be scheduled for a Job. Bella also allows you to track company equipment assigned to employees such as tools, equipment, trucks, PDA’s, etc. Additionally, it allows you to track labor hours for up to date payroll information.

Vendor Management

Bella also allows you to manage all of your vendors such as subcontractors, consultants, suppliers, and more. A few of the Vendor Management features of Bella include:

  • Giving access to a subcontractor to update their Job progress and schedule
  • Track labor hours from vendors, view balances, and all vendor transactions.

Estimates / Invoicing / Accounting

Bella FSM accounting tools provide the ability to manage small to medium size businesses. They allow you to:

  • Manage Items to create Estimates, Proposals, Work Orders, and Invoices for your customers.
  • Manage your accounts, transactions, price levels and more.
  • Enable an outsourced accountant to manage this Bella feature if you desire.

Bella Field Service Management Free Trial

QuickBooks Integration

Bella interfaces with Quickbooks and will update your Customer records and re-create your invoices in QuickBooks. You have the option of using Bella accounting exclusively or interfacing with QuickBooks. The choice is yours.


Our industry standard terms and forms ready for use as soon as you sign up. Also, Bella Field Service Management Software provides you with several customization options. Here are a few examples:

  • Customize terms and forms with minimal effort to match your current process.
  • Customize the Customer page for each Customer Type.
  • Create as many custom data fields as needed.


One of the most critical factors when selecting an online solution to manage your business is the reliability and availability of the website. Bella Field Service Management is breaking industry records for website up-time. Below is the actual up-time percentage of Bella FSM for the last three months:

Website up-time

Benefits of Bella FSM are extensive:

  • Maximize profits by organizing and streamlining your field service business
  • Optimize scheduling to maximize employee’s and subcontractor’s time in the field
  • Save time and money by reducing paper work and errors.
  • Never miss a Customer payment
  • Improve Customer satisfaction and service with faster response times
  • Easily manage employees, customers, vendors, Jobs, work orders, estimates, invoices, accounting and your business from one solution
  • Manage all Jobs whether single or multiple appointments are needed and view up to date cost and expenses