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Announcing Bella FSM 2.0

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Reston, Virginia – February 24th, 2022 – Bella Solutions Inc., a recognized leader of online Field Service Management Software announced the launch of Bella FSM 2.0. This latest version includes new features and a more streamlined user interface across desktop and mobile platforms. The mobile interface dynamically adjust to fit the screen of all mobile devices.

“Years of experience as the first company to provide an online field service management solution has given us incredible insight into industry needs” explained John Linn, CEO of Bella Solutions, Inc. “Customer feedback has driven our product roadmap allowing us to build the most innovative solution ever”. Here are just a few of the highlights…

  • Business Dashboard to give a live view into your operations
  • Effortless drag and drop scheduling with new timeline grid formats
  • More customization options throughout the field service software solution
  • Resize, reorder, and hide or display columns in all data table and save the settings
  • Enhanced Inventory Management for real time insights to your valuable assets
  • Drag and Drop Scheduling
Bella FSM 2.0 Dashboard
Business Dashboard

State of the Art Technology

Bella FSM 2.0 job scheduling software is built on the latest application technology allowing east addition of new features as well as integration with other applications. This solution is critical for businesses to be able to run a profitable company and save time and save money.

Benefits include:

  • Increasing uptime: Identify necessary repairs earlier in the asset lifecycle for always-on operations, high levels of performance and reduced downtime and save costs.
  • Shortening mean time to repair and improving first-time fix rates: Ensure the right technician is assigned to the job and provide them with the right data at the right time on a single platform.
  • Empowering technicians: Provide technicians with remote assistance and mobile capabilities that help them to stay safe, be compliant, troubleshoot and complete work tasks efficiently and save time.
  • Reducing costs: Use data and insights to complete maintenance tasks at the right time and in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction: Know if technicians are meeting customer expectations and respond promptly to concerns or unexpected delays.
Customer List For CRM
Customer List – CRM

Going Forward

All of Bella FSM’s previous features and functionality of our service business software are still available, however greatly enhanced. In addition, new features have been added and will continue to be added at a faster pace due to our new technology platform which we will be announcing soon.

Also, we are adding new tools which include Free Estimate Template, Free Roofing Estimate Template, Free Handyman Estimate Template, Free Cleaning Estimate Template, Free Pressure Washing Estimate Template, Free Painting Estimate Template, and Free Contractor Estimating Template

About Us

Bella FSM is a leading provider of solutions for a wide range of industries including HVAC Software, Property Management, Office Cleaning Software, ITSM, Snow Plow Software, Window Cleaning Software, and Electrical Contracting Software. The company was founded in 2005 and serves clients worldwide from its corporate headquarters in Reston, VA and satellite office in Atlanta, GA.

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