New Software Features Added 8/25/2014

Bella FSM Field Service

We are excited to announce additional service software features our customers have been asking for! Below are a few of the highlights. Custom Reports Bella always had the ability to run reports for all data list and select which data fields to include. However, now you have the option to save those data field selections for future reports In the …

Optimization of your Business

Bella FSM Field Service

Operations have traditionally been evaluated based on very tactical and operational metrics such as workforce utilization, productivity, and overtime costs. This model was adequate when field service adhered to a break – fix strategy. This is no longer the path to differentiation and success. The customer and the experience provided must now be at the center of the entire operation. …

Business Dashboard

Announcing Bella FSM

Bella FSM Field Service

Reston, VA (PRWEB) August 11, 2014 Summary: Bella takes its customers to a new level with enhanced features, a new look, better design, and faster performance. Bella FSM, a recognized software developer specialized in technology for Field Service Industries, recently launched version 6.1. This upgrade notably takes Bella’s customers to a new level with enhanced features, a new look, better …

Recurring Cleaning Settings

Scheduling of Recurring Cleaning Services

Bella FSM Cleaning

If you are like most cleaning businesses, managing scheduling and invoicing is an overwhelming challenge. Bella FSM cleaning business software lets you generate and manage recurring cleaning services for your customers. This solution will track the following aspects of your customer history: completed cleaning services, when these services were invoiced, and when payment was received. The technique for doing this …

Custom Data Field Export

Bella FSM Field Service

Custom data field exporting is another exciting feature added to Bella FSM Service Software at the request of our customers! Bella gives you the ability to create custom data fields on the customer page and job page that can also be displayed on the Work Order PDF. There are three custom field formats available: text input field checkbox drop down …

SaaS System Performance Improvement

Bella FSM Field Service

Reston, Virginia – May 7, 2014 – Bella FSM, provider of online mobile field service management software, announced a substantial improvement in its SaaS product system performance. Database upgrades and optimization of queries taking approximately ten seconds now take less than one second providing a 10x improvement in system performance. Bella FSM is a brand trusted by companies worldwide to …