Cleaning Estimate Template

Our cleaning estimate template gives you the ability to create professional looking estimates and quotes with ease. It's perfect for the businesses just getting started, exploring software instead of pen and paper, or an established cleaning business!

Easily enter information in the template, then click "Create PDF" at bottom of page. You'll have immediate access to an elegant looking document that can either be printed or downloaded to be provided to your customer.

Cleaning Estimate Template Form:

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1. What is a cleaning estimate template?

A cleaning estimate template is a blank version of an estimate form which you can fill out to create a detailed estimate to provide to your prospects. It is created from our cleaning software and provided to you for free.

Here are just a few things a cleaning estimate template can do for you:

  • Keep track of everything in one place with this handy productivity tool!
  • Make you look more professional than handwritten estimates.
  • Help you track rates, prices, expenses, and accounts receivable.
  • With digital copies of all estimates, you'll never have to worry about losing information.

2. What is the difference between a cleaning quote and estimate?

Quotes and estimates have a lot in common, but there's one big difference that should be considered when using this template: flexibility.

Estimates have the advantage of being able to change if something comes up.

You may have heard the expression "you get what you pay for." This is especially true when it comes to quotes and bids. The higher your desired profit margin, usually means that you will be within budget on some jobs but not others!

You can use the free cleaning estimate template as a quote template also!

3. Why is this cleaning template free?

We know it's difficult running a cleaning business. Streamlining tasks is critical to success. We know this cleaning template tool will help you succeed and you will then use our cleaning service scheduling software to further automate and streamline your business.

You can do so many things with our product:

  • Set up client records for saving quotes, estimates, job details, and invoices.
  • Convert estimates into jobs and invoices and record payments.
  • Keep clients up to date with email and text.
  • Unlimited cleaning templates.
  • Track outstanding payments and get paid quicker!