Data Import

We understand one of the biggest challenges to move from one software package to another is what to do with all of your data. It is critical for success to gather and import your existing data into the new system.

Bella FSM allows you to easily import your data in several formats such as CSV and Excel. Import your Customer list, Vendor list, and Price list. Which ever situation your company is in we will assist you in the import process.

QuickBooks Data Import into Bella FSM

Customers using QuickBooks

QuickBooks users can easily export their data out of QuickBooks and import into Bella FSM to get started. Going forward, if you decide to continue using QuickBooks for your accounting you only need to enter new data or update existing data in Bella. The Bella FSM QuickBooks Integration process will update QuickBooks for you.

data import process

Customers with paper files

Many new customers we work with have years of paper, Post-it notes, white boards, etc… and no electronic database. The painful truth is this information will need to be somehow converted to electronic format. There is no way around it and it must be done. You have options such as hire a temp worker to manually go through all of the paperwork and enter your customer and contact information into a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel. You can also find service companies that will scan all of your paperwork and convert into electronic format.

Data Migration in Bella fSM

Customers with multiple data sources

Some companies have data in multiple existing systems. Typically these systems will have export capability into formats such as Excel and CSV. Simply export your data from all sources and combine into one spreadsheet. Unfortunately, many businesses we work with have not managed their data properly over the years. This process is a chance to “clean up” you data. Once migrated into a state of the art system such as Bella you will be able to manage and control your data much more efficiently.