Dispatch Software

Bella FSM dispatch software and app will streamline scheduling and dispatch of your field assets and keep everything running smoothly.

One of the key benefits of dispatch software is its ability to improve the efficiency of operations. Businesses like yours can plan and schedule in a way that minimizes the time and distance traveled by technicians and vehicles. This can help reduce fuel consumption, save money, and reduce carbon emissions. In addition, our dispatch software and app allows you to identify and address any issues that may be causing delays or inefficiencies.

  • Increase your employee and asset utilization
  • Assign service regions and worker skills resulting in less travel time
  • Increase first time fix rates
  • Reduces the need for multiple visits by providing customer service history to technician in real time on their mobile device using the app
Dispatcher Using Software at Call Center

Dispatching from Anywhere at Anytime

Our best dispatch software also provides job tracking software to track statuses from estimate to work order to invoice to paid. Update from the office or field by sending out email and text alerts for immediate dispatch. The dashboard provides a real-time view into the business.
  • Status tracking
  • Color codes
  • Text and email alerts
  • Customizable work order form
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Image and file attachments
  • Time tracking
  • Dispatch app
  • Locations

Dispatching software, in its simplest form, is a tool that automates the planning, routing, and tracking of deliveries or service tasks. It’s like the mastermind behind a well-coordinated logistical operation, ensuring that every resource is utilized to its maximum potential.

Dispatch App on Multiple Devices

Efficiency and Speed

Let's face it, time is money. In the fast-paced world of logistics, speed is of the essence. Dispatching software can plan optimal routes in seconds, far quicker than any human ever could. Isn't that incredible?

Reduced Human Error

Have you ever made a mistake at work? Of course, we all have. With dispatching software, the risk of human error is significantly reduced. No more incorrect deliveries or scheduling mix-ups.

Cost Effectiveness

Think about all the savings you can make with automated route planning and reduced errors. Your fuel costs alone could drop significantly! Isn't that a saving worth investing in?

Dispatching App

Quickly create and assign service while on the go or in the office with our dispatch app. Jobs can be assigned to one or more technicians and crews. Notification alerts and reminders can be set for both new and existing in the dispatching software.

  • Multiple calendar views
  • Recurring appointments
  • Color coded calendar
  • Appointment reminders
  • Text messaging
  • Mapping
  • Schedule summary report
  • Crew management