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Use our free estimate template to create a PDF which you can send to your customer. Win more business by looking more professional. And best of all, it's free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an estimate template?

We know how important it is to have an accurate estimate for your potential customers. That's why we provide you with a blank template that can be filled out in minutes and generates a detailed estimate from our field service software at the click of button!

Examples of what an estimate template can do for you:

  • Keeps things organized and includes all important information.
  • Look more professional and win more deals.
  • Track your finances to stay on top of things.
  • With digital copies of all estimates, you can track the progress and costs associated with a project easier than ever before.

2. What is the difference between a quote and estimate?

Quotes and estimates both attempt to clarify the cost of a project, but there's one big difference: flexibility.

Estimates are more flexible because they give you room to maneuver if unexpected issues arise, especially when they free!

Quotes provide clients with an accurate estimate of their cost. Sometimes higher profits can be achieved by staying within budget limits, but remember every job is unique and may have unforeseen circumstances that complicated matters greatly before you even start!

You can use the free estimate template as a quote template also!

3. Why is this estimate template free?

It's no easy feat to run a business these days, but with automation comes critical success. This free tool will help you succeed and eventually we hope you try our service scheduling software to further automate and streamline your business.

A few examples of what you can do with our product:

  • Organize client history for work completed.
  • Convert estimates into jobs and invoices and record payments.
  • Keep clients up to date using text and email.
  • Schedule teams, route work, and track time and expenses.
  • Create as many templates as needed.
  • Keep tabs of outstanding invoices and receive payments faster!