Carpet Cleaning Software

Even during the best of times, managing a carpet cleaning business is a time intensive process. It requires careful attention to many details on a daily basis. Bella Carpet Cleaning Software is an easy to use customizable solution designed to help manage your Carpet Cleaning business efficiently. Bella manages the technology for you which creates time for you to focus on managing your business which increases productivity, sales, and profits.

Carpet Cleaning Software

Key Features:

[icon_list] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Easy scheduling and dispatch of your service and sales team[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Provide Estimates, Invoices, and payments in the field[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Streamline Inventory Management[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Marketing and Sales Reports[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Reduce the amount of paper and errors[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Increase workforce productivity with real time mobile access[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Easily manage schedules, customers, employees, vendors[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Capture your customers signature electronically[/icon_list_item] [/icon_list] Log in from any computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet such as iPad’s, iPhone’s, and Droids to easily Dispatch, manage Customers, Jobs, Employees, Vendors, Invoicing, Accounting, Equipment and more. We manage the hardware and software which creates time to focus on directing your business increasing productivity, sales, and profits.
Running a Carpet Cleaning Business

A few of the benefits of Carpet Cleaning Software:

[icon_list] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Real time access anytime anywhere to your data[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Invoice customers and receive payments in the field[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Customer history at your fingertips[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Real time communication between the field and office[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item item type=”check-square”]Inventory availability in real time while still on site[/icon_list_item] [/icon_list]

Carpet Cleaning Business Software Tips

There are many challenges carpet cleaning business companies face. Work may be expected to be done during the day or evenings and weekends.

The biggest challenge is to be diligent about successfully cleaning spots. To survive in the carpet cleaning arena, several kinds of methods are typically used, such as shampooing, steaming and quick drying.