Field Service Success

August 8, 2017
It is a fact that technology is crucial when building a business and trying to achieve field service success. Without it your company would become disorganized and unpredictable which your customers will see. This is when you will most likely find yourself asking if you should consider implementing a solution like this in your workforce. There are many benefits and we have listed a few for you.
Field Service Success

Customer Satisfaction Resulting form Success

Let's face it, the customer is critical to your business. When you implement this kind of solution, not only will the field techs notice a change in the work, so will the customer. Field Service Software will make your company into a smooth-running machine and ready for success because it creates a bridge of communication between the management, office staff, and the technician to make the best possible experience for the customer and overall company. Free tools such as a pressure washing estimate template also help.

Real-time Access to History

One of the biggest benefits of this software is the fact that field technicians will have access to the customer’s information at a moment’s notice. This permits them to better serve the client and ensure satisfaction and success with their labor. It also allows the tech to have access to any information on the equipment that they may be using for the service. This will cut down the time spent serving each client and will increase productivity.

Work Order Management

Job Management Software solutions for small companies allows work orders to be sent to field technicians based on proximity, availability, expertise, and urgency. This saves your business and the clientele both time and money and the needs are met in better time and with better quality service.

More Accurate Timesheets

This type of solution offers higher visibility into the success of each job which will remove any temptation that techs may have to pad their time-sheets or draw out their tasks after completion when other tasks are incomplete. This will increase productivity by great measures and you will more than likely see growth in customer satisfaction.

Route Planning

Bella FSM gives you the ability to cut down on travel time and expenses by planning the fastest and closest route. With all the saved time without the long commutes you can increase the number of clients served each day and service success. Some even use GPS technology to find the best route depending on time of day and weather conditions.

Identify Trends

There are many of these solutions that include a reporting software that will allow you to see trends in your field technician productivity levels and success metrics. This not only allows you to see which tech is right for any given job but also gives you the ability to see which field techs should be let go to increase productivity in the company.