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Our handyman estimate template is the perfect tool for any business that needs estimates and quotes. Send out professional-looking documents with ease, whether you're just getting started or an established handyman business exploring software instead of pen & paper!

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1. What is a handyman estimate template?

Need to create a handyman estimate? Our blank template will help you get started. Simply fill it in with your information and send off! It is generated from our handyman software and provided to you for free.

Here's how a handyman estimate template can assist:

  • Keep you on top of things and make it easy to access all the information needed.
  • Handwritten estimates are never as professional looking. Make a difference with our handyman template!
  • Helps track your business finances so you know what's going on with the money.
  • Now you can keep tabs on all estimates with a digital copy.

2. What is the difference between a handyman quote and handyman estimate?

Estimates seem similar to quotes, however, flexibility is the key difference.

Handyman estimates give you more wiggle room if unexpected issues arise, which is why they're better for job site emergencies.

Quotes give clients an idea of what they'll be paying for and sometimes higher margins can actually happen when coming within budget limits. The key is to make sure every job has its own set of unique circumstances before getting started!

You can use the free handyman template as a quote template also!

3. Why is this handyman template free?

The challenges of running a handyman business are tough, but with the right technology it is possible. Imagine being able to automate tasks like scheduling appointments or picking up materials on your own time! We know success is built on a solid foundation, and sometimes that means taking the time to get things right. Automating your business with our handyman service software will not only help you succeed but it'll also give you more free energy for other opportunities!

Our product is great for doing these things, and more:

  • All of the history for your clients will be securely saved for viewing at anytime anywhere.
  • With the click of a button, convert an estimate into a work order then an invoice when ready. The system also lets you record payments automatically so there's no need for manual data entry!
  • Keep in touch with your clients via text message and emails at every stage of your service lifecycle to make sure they are engaged!
  • You can schedule teams and track their time. You'll be able to see how much work has been done and still needs done, as well as an estimate on when it will all happen!
  • Build different handyman templates.
  • Get paid faster!