How to Become a Handyman

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If you’re thinking about how to become a handyman and starting a business, don't worry! Even if it's your first time and you aren't sure where to begin, here are some easy steps that will help get the ball rolling:

1. Handyman Skills to Consider

You may be wondering what exact skills you need to work on in order to become a handyman. Well, it’s more than just painting and plumbing. Obviously, you don’t need every skill, but it’s important to pick and choose a few to specialize in to become a valuable resource.
How to Become a Handyman

It also is a good idea to at least familiarize yourself with the list below, especially in case one of these issues arises when you’re already working on a home. The more skills you have, the more specialized you become and the more money you’ll make!

  • Anchor a bookcase to the wall
  • Finding studs
  • Fixing loose tiles
  • Spackling holes
  • Fixing a leaky faucet
  • Caulking a shower or tub
  • Unclogging a drain
  • Snaking a drain
  • Changing a shower head
  • Sealing a pavement crack
  • Replacing a toilet seat
  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Using anchor screws to hang objects
  • Tightening a loose door hinge
  • Changing a furnace filter
  • Changing a doorknob
  • Painting
  • Replacing a screen window
  • Changing a light switch
  • Stopping an overflowing toilet

2. Research Handyman Licensing Requirements in your State

After making a list of the services you’ll start with, it's time you start researching licensing requirements in your particular state, which vary from one state to another. You need to find out which handyman services you can offer without a license and which services require a license. Here are some of the essential steps you have to follow to obtain one:

Business License
  • Check the contracting and licensing requirements in your area: Agencies such as the State Board of Contractors should provide you with credible information.
  • Find a reputable handyman association in your state: These associations are great resources in explaining what type of licenses are needed in your state.
  • Get adequate training: For you to be licensed, you’ll need to go through technical training from an accredited institution in your area.
  • Sign up for an exam: In many states, you are required to take and pass an exam before getting your handyman license.
  • Apply for a license: Once you’ve successfully passed your exams, you need to apply for a license. The period of obtaining your licenses may vary from one state to another.

3. Price your Handyman Services

It's time to choose pricing for your services. Take a look at what other handyman businesses in your area are offering. This will help you to get a feel for what kind of services are typically provided, and whether there’s a gap in the market you can fill.
How to Price
Cost-based pricing models are recommended for startup service businesses. Priced too low or high can hurt your chances, so it's important to know the market value of a handyman job. You should price yourself somewhere in the middle if you want to win as many jobs as possible!

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4. Market your Handyman Business to get Customers

Marketing your new handyman services is essential to become successful. You'll be competing with others for visibility and potential customers, but there are lots of ways you can get ahead in this game! Some options might cost money, like advertising, while others require very little investment from an already tight budget.

How to Market

You can use a variety of methods to promote and increase business revenue, such as print fliers and online advertising. You might also want to invest in digital marketing by creating an account on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter where you'll post photos related specifically for customers who are interested only with what they see when browsing through these profiles instead if being limited just locally within one city limit!

Once you have an established roster of clients, you can sign up for a platform like Care.com, TaskRabbit, or Handy to make it easier to find opportunities to become clients. Having customer reviews and a registered business will strengthen your online profile.

5. Get Organized with Handyman Software

You can gradually take on more work and new customers as you get accustomed to the job. As long as you become organized, it will be easy to grow with minimal costs in time or money! These are a few examples how Bella FSM can help you achieve this and become successful:
  • Customer Management - Easily manage all communications, notes, history, contacts and locations. You can also login to Bella FSM anytime, anywhere from any device.
  • Quoting / Estimating - Create a quote or estimate from your office or while at the customer location. Set follow up reminders to get that business!
  • Scheduling - Easy scheduling software capabilities with drag and drop and multiple calendar views with color coding options.
  • Job Management - Manage jobs at every stage from estimate to job to invoice to paid. The jobs scheduling dashboard provides a real-time view into your business.
  • Invoicing and Payment - Invoice clients as some as the work is complete and get paid quickly.
  • Accounting - Bella FSM provides basic accounting features that will assist you to effectively manage your finances, or integrate with QuickBooks if you prefer.

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