How to Price Window Cleaning Services

October 4, 2022
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Window cleaning can be a frustrating process for new business owners because they often don't know how much it will cost them or what the best practices are. This is why many start-up window washers take too long, overcomplicate their quotes with unnecessary features that confuse clients and lose bids on jobs before even getting started!

What's worse than underbidding a job? Offerings such as precision cleanings (which involve removing mildew) typically aren’t offered by most companies unless specifically requested, so make sure your client wants these extra services if you're going three way dialogue about pricing...or just say no altogether by sticking strictly to basic removes

Window cleaning is straightforward once you get the hang of it. It’s another reason why starting a window cleaning business sounds like such great venture!

We recommend prices below as guidelines, but don't forget that your own costs will vary depending on how many windows need washing and where they're located in relation to one another. Be sure to consider your best window cleaning tools in your pricing. Keep this information updated if possible by researching local prices online or speaking directly with customers.

Residential Window Cleaning Prices

The most straightforward and fairest way to charge for residential window cleaning is by the pane. This means that you won’t be penalized if your speed or technique improves. Clients can rest easy knowing they aren't being scalped with an unfair rate based on pace!

How to Price Window Cleaning

Average residential window cleaning price:

  • $4-5 per pane (inside and out)
  • $3-4 per pane (outside only)
  • $2 per screen
  • $1-1.50 per French pane (inside and out)

When residential window cleaning is the only service you offer, it can be difficult to set prices. You can choose between a per-pane or hourly rate. Some people also charge by type of surface (complex vs simple) and how many windows there are in need of attention at once.

Commercial Window Cleaning is often more expensive than residential cleaning because you need a large crew and equipment. With home window care, only one or two people are typically needed to do the job!

Commercial Window Cleaning Prices

While it may not be as lucrative, commercial window cleaning jobs are much more frequent than residential. They also allow work year-round even in slow winter months when you need to keep your business open!
Commercial Window Cleaning Prices

The average price for commercial window cleaning is $2 per pane or $40 - $75 per hour, depending on dirt, size, etc...

The rate can be determined by taking into account how many windows there are and their size. You should also estimate what time it will take you to wash all of them in order for your hourly wage amount come out at an appropriate level.

Commercial window cleaning jobs can be lucrative if they're recurring, but one-off's won’t work well in this industry.

Final Thoughts on Window Cleaning Pricing

It can be difficult to figure out how much to charge and how to create a window cleaning price list. Also, consider using eco-friendly window cleaning products in addition to learning how to write an invoice.

By creating or updating your price list, not only do you make sure that all of the costs for running a business are covered but it can also help with quoting customers and building clientele more quickly.

  • Keep it simple. As your reputation grows and the number of jobs you complete increases, charge a higher rate. You can always change prices as needed to keep up with market conditions.
  • Start small. Hiring a team is an expensive and complicated process. Before you do, start by working in the field yourself to get real-life experience of what it takes for your specific business!
  • Provide professional estimates.  Presenting your bid handwritten on a piece of paper or the back of a card can make you look unprofessional. Use tools like a free estimate template and software for window cleaning to set you apart from your competitors.