Building Maintenance Software

In building maintenance, most managers are primarily concerned with cost control, productivity, and customer satisfaction. With Bella FSM Building Maintenance Software, you can ensure spot on, timely maintenance of your building. If you manage a building, make sure services are on time and track equipment.

Our cloud-based building maintenance program enables building managers to manage work requests, jobs and equipment in real-time. Our solution assists managers in assigning work orders to employees. It also keeps them updated on the status of the orders through SMS or email as they come up.

Similarly, your buildings tenants can put in requests online. It also enables you to dispatch orders to subcontractors as and when the need arises.

Man in Blue Hardhat using Building Maintenance Software

Simplify the dispatch and scheduling of technicians

Generate estimates onsite or from the office

Optimize inventory management

Organize meetings, set appointments, and delegate tasks efficiently

Access schedules and customer information from any location

Dispatch notifications to subcontractors, customers, and employees

Building maintenance app

Using the built-in calendar, you can schedule preventive maintenance tasks with drag and drop efficiency. The calendar provides the ability to export important tasks for easy access.

Our building maintenance software includes job tracking and detailed reports on maintenance operation history. This helps you easily see how often work orders repeat. With our building maintenance management software, facilities maintenance for building managers becomes easily controllable.

Building Maintenance Software to Automate and Mobilize

Our building maintenance software stands out as the premier, highly customizable solution. It's entirely web-based, making it accessible from any device, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Imagine the heightened efficiency of your operations and the subsequent rise in customer satisfaction.

Access is seamless from any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet - be it iPads, iPhones, or Android devices. This software simplifies the dispatch process, customer management, work order handling, employee oversight, vendor coordination, invoicing, accounting, and equipment tracking. We take care of hardware and software, so you can focus on growing your business and making more money. We use top security and backup technology to protect and keep your important data safe.

Digitally capture signatures

Generate invoices and receive payments directly on site

Maintenance history readily accessible at your fingertips

Enable immediate communication with your team

Implement a paperless process to ensure no loss of information

Equip and mobilize your workforce, regardless of size

Building Maintenance App on Mobile Devices

Rise above the Competition with a Building Maintenance Program

Building maintenance used to be reactive, but now it's proactive to prevent breakdowns before they happen. Today, the emphasis is on preventive maintenance, a strategic approach facilitated by a building maintenance program.

This change is not just a trend. It is a big shift. The need to prevent expensive equipment problems, keep things safe, and follow strict rules causes it.

Embracing building maintenance software marks a significant milestone in the evolution of building management. This technology is more than just a tool - it boosts efficiency, cuts costs, and prolongs the life of building assets. Facility managers can use software to maintain buildings and succeed in an efficient and effective building maintenance plan.


  1. What is building maintenance software? Building maintenance software is a digital tool that helps manage maintenance tasks in buildings. It makes maintenance more efficient and lowers costs.

  2. How does building maintenance software improve efficiency? It automates the scheduling of maintenance tasks, centralizes data management, and provides easy access to information, thereby streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

  3. Can building maintenance management software help with regulatory compliance? Yes. Following safety rules and regulations helps ensure that maintenance work meets industry standards and reduces the risk of penalties. Following safety rules helps maintenance work meet industry standards and reduces the risk of penalties for not following regulations.

  4. What should I look for when choosing building maintenance software? Essential features include asset and work order management, preventive maintenance planning, inventory control, and analytics reporting capabilities. These features collectively enhance the software's utility and effectiveness.

  5. Is a building maintenance program worth the investment? Building maintenance software can save money and extend the life of assets. A smart investment for property managers offers operational efficiencies and a high return on investment.