New Software Features Added 8/25/2014

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We are excited to announce additional service software features our customers have been asking for! Below are a few of the highlights.

Custom Reports

Bella always had the ability to run reports for all data list and select which data fields to include. However, now you have the option to save those data field selections for future reports

  • In the Admin tab left side menu click “Report Preset” to create your custom reports.
  • In the Customer and Jobs tab when running a report you will now see a drop down to select a previously saved report.

Job Name List

  • Previously, the Job Name data field was a standard input text field. Now, name is a drop down field containing values created in the Admin tab Job Name list.
  • You still have the ability to manually enter a name or select from the drop down.
  • Custom names can be created in the Admin tab left side menus “Job Name”. and included in the custom reports

Email Alert Settings

  • The email subject and body settings have been moved to the Admin tab Company Profile page in the “System Settings” section. Only Admin users may choose email settings.
  • You will see additional options to select for the default subject and body and also a subject line delimiter which can be set. The delimiter is the character(s) that will display between values in the subject line.

Job Priority

  • A new data field called “Job Priority” has been added to the Job page and filters. Use this to set the priority for easier tracking.
  • Custom priorities can be created in the Admin tab left side menu “Job Priority”. They can also be assigned a color code and order of display.
  • Assign a color code and order of display.
  • Included in custom reports

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