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Operations have traditionally been evaluated based on very tactical and operational metrics such as workforce utilization, productivity, and overtime costs. This model was adequate when field service adhered to a break - fix strategy. This is no longer the path to differentiation and success. The customer and the experience provided must now be at the center of the entire operation. As key ambassadors for the overall organization and optimization, the team has the ability to directly impact key drivers tied to revenue growth, client satisfaction, and client retention. In order to optimize a link between your team and the customer experience consider the following:

Field Service is more than just scheduling the right tech

The scheduling of the technician has high stakes when it comes to a field service business, but in order to drive the customer experience and optimize, business organizations must ensure resolution. Clients look to the organization to not only route a technician but to get assets back up and running the first time. Solid Field Service Software will manage and optimize this for you.

Customer satisfaction is a leading indicator to business success

Competitive factors continue to elevate the importance of providing value add for clients. Top performing organizations exceed client expectations and SLA's in order to retain valuable customers. All functions need to keep the client and their needs at the forefront of each decision

Compliance is good first step, the next is optimize for excellence

Top performing organizations use software automation and have been able to achieve measurable performance improvements in retention, satisfaction, and optimize revenue generated from customers through going beyond just meeting client needs. SLA's should be a baseline of performance, the goal must be to continuously improve the value being provided to the customer and ensure that the entire organization has them in mind during each interaction.

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  1. Charles E.B.

    Field Service Software managing the technical personnel and assigning them tasks and with a added benefits of backup is a step in the right direction. As a consumer I would definitely want the techs to be there and be on time.

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