Bella FSM Enhancements Added 9/4/2014

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As Bella FSM Service Software continues to grow we are enhancing the software to make it easy and easy to use for our customers. Here are a few of the software enhancements that we just added:

One Click File Upload

  • Previously, when uploading a file in the Add Note and/or Attachment section it was necessary to select the file then click Upload.
  • Now, when you select the file it will automatically upload without the need to click Upload. This saves a step!
  • The next software enhancement planned for this section will allow you to select multiple files at once. Stay tuned.

Expanded Calendar Month View

  • If you are using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as your browser you may have noticed the Month View now expands to display all appointments without the need of a scroll bar.
  • This gives you the ability to quickly view each day in the entire month and any open time slots for scheduling.
  • We plan to soon add this software enhancement for Firefox users.

More Security

  • Bella FSM has always been secured with SSL encryption.
  • We have upgraded our online security to Thawte’s 128-bit encryption using TLS 1.0 and AES_128_CBC.
  • What does that all that mean? Rest easy knowing your data is secure!

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