Strategies for Handyman Advertising

October 3, 2022
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While it may seem like an overhead expense, advertising your skills and services is one of the best ways to grow a handyman business. It's not free but if you put time into learning how then soon enough people will be knocking on your door looking for work!

You don't need to hire an advertising or marketing agency for handyman advertising. We’re going share a few of the simplest and most effective handyman advertising strategies for getting work done now!

The best part is that almost all of your advertising efforts can be totally automated with handyman software so you can focus on other important responsibilities.

Handyman Advertising with Postcard Ads

Postcards are a great way to personalize your advertising. Plus, they're pretty easy with the help of software! Marketing tools give you all sorts or designing capabilities without having any design experience whatsoever. So now, even beginners can create professional looking post cards in no time flat. The postcard design is in your hands!

Handyman Postcard

You can work with a local print shop or go solo to get this done. If you’re going the latter route, make sure that they mail it off quick because time equals money.

Postcards are a fantastic way to get your message in front of the right people. They allow you not only reach out, but also personalize it for each individual recipient so that they know exactly why their favorite business should choose them over any other company!

You have a lot of control: Choose exactly when you want it mailed, as well as how often the mailing should occur - every week or month for example- which makes this perfect if sending out seasonal promotion reminders isn't enough but still need some extra attention brought towards their business!

Postcards are affordable: Handyman postcards are a cost-effective advertising option. You can send postcard campaigns for as little 50 cents per card, depending on where you live!

Mass-mailing is a great way to make your business more accessible, but it relies on targeting an audience that you know will be interested. Many options for direct mail are available at very affordable prices. However the success of this handyman marketing technique hinges upon being able accurately guess what kind or person might want services like yours!

By using CRM software to help you send targeted mail, you can send postcards only to people you’ve prospected and worked with in the past, without wasting money on spam mail.

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Partnerships are the best way to expand your reach. You can partner with other businesses, like advertisement marketers for example. This will help you build up an audience of potential clients that is interested in what YOU have offer!

Advertise Your Handyman Business

Partnering with other companies can give you access to new audiences through social media, direct mail or email. If you want to make a splash, try partnering up with some other popular businesses. You might be able find success by working alone but it's always good measure before diving in head first!

Partnerships with local realtors

  • Sponsored content is a great way to promote your business. You can either send postcards or email newsletters with handyman advertising on them, and both parties will benefit from it!
  • For every client they refer to you, give them a small cut of the profit. This will help build loyalty and promote word-of-mouth advertising that can ultimately result in more sales for your company!
  • Having the right content is crucial when trying to attract new leads. You can record a short video with your real estate agent that teaches prospects how they prepare their homes for showings or moving day, have them reference you in post and put potential clients into touch!

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Social Media Ads

This is a powerful advertising tool that can help you reach new customers and stay top of mind. We recommend using Facebook, Instagram or other networks within their respective ad managers for the most effective results.

Social Media

How a handyman can use social media advertisements

  • Starting a social media account is the best way to get started with networking. You can explore groups, hashtags and locations by searching in your local area through open chat options on networks like Instagram or Facebook before connecting effortlessly through messaging services that will allow you access right away!
  • Instead of wasting money on ads that don't get results, create highly targeted advertisements tailored to your audience. You'll know you're spending only when it works and a clear ROI means better than ever before!
  • The best way to advertise online is by running ads through networks like Facebook Ads Manager. If you're new, using field service software can help get your campaign up and running quickly!
  • The content should be helpful and relevant. You can use a photo or video, as well as the description to inform people who see it about what services you offer so they know how best contact with you!
  • Building a brand is tough work. You have to consistently show your clients how much you care about them, while also promoting the things that make YOU unique! But it can be done with social media like Facebook Ads or Twitter Business. Just remember not every ad has been created equally. Some may produce better results than others depending on what type of customers they’re targeting (elderly people love discounts but millennials want free stuff).

Handyman advertising doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, nor does it take over for professional marketers. Once you get started with these low-cost tactics things will be exciting as they help grow both margins AND networks!