Top 2016 Field Service Management Trends

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Top Trends

Efficiency and productivity are two of the most important factors that owners are keen to observe and measure. Fortunately, technological tools such as field service management software have enabled many owners to track metrics critical to achieving the said goals. But other than this software, other technological top trends has been brought up in the industry in the past recent years, offering much wider capabilities such as improved field workers flexibility and accessibility.

Enterprise mobility, for instance, has been widely adopted by many organizations and industries due to promising results it can deliver. By equipping your technicians with mobile access to important files such mechanical diagrams and history, they will be able to finish to job without even going back to the main office. This also includes the total integration within different back-office functions such as human resource, accounting, and dispatch department, as collaboration within a single piece of data or client will take in a less effort, thanks to mobile apps and other native programs becoming top trends.

Moreover, the service industry is more likely to witness other technological advancements that could take the industry to a whole new level. In this visual guide by The Service Manager, let us discover the top trends that will change the landscape this year 2016:

Top Trends in 2016

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