Tree Service Invoice Template

Looking for an easy way to send out professional looking invoices? Check our free tree invoice template! It’s perfect if you're just starting your business, exploring software instead of pen and paper or even a well-established company.

You can use the tree invoice template below to create a professional looking PDF. Simply enter the information in it and then click "Create PDF". The document will be generated immediately which you could print or download and email to your customer.

Tree Invoice Template Form:

Your Company Information

Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, Max. file size: 64 MB.
For best results use a logo image which is no more than 500px wide.

Customer Information

Invoice Details

Due Date

Line Items

Add up to ten line items. Include tax in the Unit Price if needed. The line item total will display on the PDF. At least one line item is required.


  1. What is a tree invoice template?

    A tree invoice template is a document that is used by tree companies to invoice their clients. It typically includes the date and type of work that was performed, the cost of the work, and any additional fees or charges. The tree invoice may also include the company's name and contact information, as well as the client's name and billing address.

     It is generated from our tree service software and provided to you for free.

  2. Why is this tree template free?

    Running a tree business can be demanding. To help you stay on top of your success and make the most out of every working day, we have created a tree invoice tool to streamline tasks, making it easier for you to reach new levels in efficiency. When that's achieved, our scheduling software will take things even further - allowing greater automation so all hours are spent as productively as possible!

    • Our product can help streamline your business operations, saving you time and money.
    • Create client records to easily store quotes, estimates and invoices in one place.
    • Link up jobs with payments quickly - take emailing or texting clients off the list!
    • Schedule teams for projects ahead of time while also tracking their expenses automatically.
    • Create multiple templates to accelerate workflow even further.
    • And last but not least – get paid faster than ever before!