Workforce Management for Small Businesses

October 30, 2015

When managers and employees can access their time and labor directly, the SMB limited resources are freed to focus on strategic and value-added services. Mobile self-service also responds to the growing trend in business technology. Employees have become accustomed to using mobile devices for any number of household and personal tasks, and expect the same flexibility from their employer. As such, mobile service software tools can improve both employee engagement and organizational efficiency. This is particularly important to the SMB sector, since self-service is a driver of operational excellence.

Small businesses looking to take advantage of workforce management automation to drive efficiency and effectiveness should consider the following recommendations for service scheduling software.

Automate and integrate all of workforce management

Automated and integrated time and labor data is critical to efficiently and effectively manage today's small business. Organizations should look to technology that automates these aspects to gain the greatest benefit. Automation ensures consistency across the organization, reduces the tactical burden on office staff, and lays the foundation for self-service, mobile self-service, and powerful analytics.

Embrace data-driven decision-making

Analytics and reporting is all about driving action. To create meaningful analysis, organizations must have a multifaceted view of their business and the individuals within it Integrated data and systems form the foundation which allows organizations to apply meaningful analytics to their operations, and ultimately improve business outcomes. But tools and technology are not enough. Organizations must also cultivate an analytical mindset, where HR and business leaders all feel comfortable using data to drive decisions. Any technology should take into account the need to drive analytics and deliver data to business decision makers as a critical design and selection criteria.

Consider the technology foundation

New ways of operating your business require new ways of leveraging technology. As the SMB sector seeks efficient, automated HR data and processes, they must keep in mind the financial and time investment required to implement such technology. SaaS and cloud-based delivery models are new options that organizations should explore to help them achieve not only their unification goals, but to realize cost savings and to expedite delivery as well.