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How about a Mobile Solution for technicians to take on the road?

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What if your technicians could take a mobile solution on the road? What would this mean for your organization? To your company’s profitability?

Being on the road is an integral part of the job for field technicians. Travel time can consume one-third to one-half of their working day. Travel is a burden that technicians would happily do without. Being on the road is exhausting. It increases stress and the risk of accidents. As a result, it’s important to take every opportunity to reduce technician travel times.

Customers will be more satisfied with their service when they know that there are no delays or problems caused by malfunctions. Your technicians won’t have to waste time fixing other issues because it’s all taken care of behind-the scenes, which means shorter downtimes and higher billable hours! This also helps improve communication between office staff members who rely on information from dispatch centers about what needs repairing where in order for them provide accurate billing data (and invoices) immediately after completion; this way no one has any inaccurate assumptions due tp misinformation given throughout different stages.

Wireless, mobile service management software is not a futuristic capability. There is technology available today that gives technicians on the road the ability to share information with your office in real time. This technology gives them access to their schedules from your dispatch board (including any changes that are made throughout the day). It also gives them access to other features, such as the ability to view, edit, or close their jobs.

Incoming service calls still get routed to the dispatchers, who use Dispatch Software place it on the board. But now, instead of coming into the office to pick up their schedules for the day, the tech retrieve their schedule simply by turning on their wireless laptop, home computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Technician on the road

Technicians on the road should have real-time access to their calendar. They can drill into the details of a work order, review history and read notes.

Increased Productivity – Mobile solutions providing software on the road can increase staff productivity all around. For the dispatchers, this is accomplished via real-time communication with the field all day, every day. For the technicians on the road, increased productivity is due to less downtime, better information and the reduction of paperwork. And for the accounting staff, mobile service means the elimination of duplicate data entry and faster invoicing.

Improved Communication – Communication between the office and the field is no longer a challenge. Changes made to the dispatch board at the office are immediately available to the technicians in the field. Instant messaging between the two offers a clear course of communication, without phone tag or downtime.

Streamlined Billing – As technicians finish jobs on the road, they complete the work orders using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Hours, materials, notes and any additional work recommended all are recorded. This real time data entry changes the status of the job on the dispatch board and lets the dispatchers know when the techs are moving from one job to the next. It also allows them to intercept the technicians on the road and change their destination if warranted.

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